Food should not be overcomplicated. When you strip away the fancy garnishes, taste is paramount and this begins with sourcing for the highest quality ingredients; and employing techniques that extract their best possible flavour

- Chef Shahrom -

Chef Bio

The talented Chef Shahrom fell in love with cooking during a study tour to Italy after visiting some of Italy’s finest restaurants and training with Italian master chefs, which left a deep impression on his approach to cooking. Graduated from SHATEC and has ever since had an impressive career in Singapore’s food and beverage scene. Formerly helming the kitchen at well-renowned restaurants as Lolla, Madison Rooms Asia and SELA.

Full of passion for the culinary arts and the ambition to contribute to the food and beverage scene in Singapore, Chef Shahrom joined NOX- Dine in the Dark as Head Chef in July 2018, bringing his culinary career to new heights, and challenging his execution of culinary excellence at a new level as NOX – Dine in the Dark is a restaurant with a very different dining concept and culinary experience.

Chef Shahrom enjoys the challenge of creating 12 new dishes every month, emphasising the intensities of flavour, texture, and aroma of each dish, while ensuring the combination of flavorus contrasted, yet complemented one another. He brings a light touch to his use of premium, locally sourced ingredients to cook classic and modern European cuisine with local flourishes.

Having a focus on fine dining, Chef Shahrom also prioritises accessibility, affordability and a simple approach to European classics. Chef has acquired inspiration from the dishes in his existing repertoire, by numerous hours spent of R&D in the kitchen, combined with ideas he gets from travels and trying food from other restaurants and by reading various culinary publications.

Dedicated to sourcing for the highest quality produce and extracting the best flavor out of each ingredient he gets his hands on, Chef Shahrom creations never fail to excite the palate of every diner.