Frequently Asked Question

Yes it is! Not a shred of light. To keep the room completely dark, you will be asked to place all potential sources of light such as lighters, watches, mobile phones or cameras in the free lockers by the lounge area. You should also use these lockers to place your coat and/or purse, bags, etc.

Deprived from our dominant sense of sight, we tend to rely more on our other senses. These heightened senses will help you to get to your table and eat in the dark room. Although it might be daunting at first, it gradually becomes more enjoyable as you start to relax. Our blind guides are carefully trained to take care of your needs, and will provide you with guidance and reassurance. We recommend that you do not wear clothes that are too expensive, in the case that you do get food on them.

The blind are naturally more efficient in the dark and are the best people for the job in such an environment. As you enter the dark room, you will have to trust your guide. It is a true “transfer of trust”, and an amazing and positive approach to raise awareness about blindness and disability in general.

Visitors are not allowed to move alone in the dark room or go to the restrooms by themselves as it could put other customers and waiters at risk (remember the guides are blind and need clear walkways to move around the tables). If you wish to do so on any occasion, make sure your guide is informed and he/she will able to assist you.

You will be able to see our beverage menu and place your drink orders in our lit lounge area. You can also order additional drinks directly from your host whenever you wish in the dining room.

You simply call your guide’s first name. The guide will be introduced to you with his/her first name before you enter the dark room.

Not particularly, however most of them enjoyed the experience because it’s a unique way to share with their friends and relatives what it feels like being visually impaired.

The chefs are not blind and the kitchen is lit. Using the freshest and finest ingredients, the head chef and his team must prepare and deliver creative and exciting dishes that play with textures and flavors, enabling guests to have a unique culinary experience.

Unfortunately no. The restrooms are fully lit! The restrooms are located at the first floor.

It is very rare to see someone not feeling comfortable with dining in the dark. It is such an amazing experience that the majority of people feel amazed by this very unusual and exciting journey about rediscovering their senses. Out of more than several hundred thousand visitors in Paris, London, Barcelona, Moscow, Bangkok or Warsaw, only a few customers felt the need to leave the dark room before finishing their dining.

Everything has been taken into careful consideration and security measures have been taken. There are adequate security equipment in the premises. The lights switch on automatically in the event of any emergency. Special emergency exits have been designed and checked by the local authorities to be fully compliant with the building regulations.

Yes, we do monitor the room with infrared cameras and keep records to ensure the visitors’ welfare and safety. Please be assured that we only watch the records in case of doubts about security rules violation, an incident or upon a customer’s request.

Our restaurant serves a range of unique creations inspired by the modern european cuisine. Each dish is an explosion of diverse flavors prepared to educate visitors about this new way of exploring food.

Please let our staff know if you have any special dietary requirements or suffer from any food allergies. In such cases, the chef would tailor your menu according to your needs. You are kindly requested to remind your guide about your allergies or dietary requirements when he/she brings your food to the table in the dark dining room.

On average, visitors will spend between one to one and a half hours in the dark room.

There are 60 seats in the main dark dining room.

Yes of course! Children from the age 7 and above are welcome; for children under the age of 7 this experience could be a bit frightening.

Yes, we advise visitors to book in advance because the restaurant is often fully booked.
For reservations, you can call +65 6298 0708 or visit

Yes, we do have a menu specially catered to vegetarians. Do specify your preference of this option when you make your reservation. *Do take note that we are unable to cater to a “vegetarian and gluten free” meal.

Said to be one of the most romantic restaurants in Singapore, NOX is definitely suitable for a romantic night out with your loved one. From enjoying a few cocktails in our dimly lit lounge to an engaging and intimate dinner, be prepared for a night of fun and romance.

Yes, we are an excellent venue for corporate lunches and various dinner events. Please contact us to find out more about our corporate event packages and what we can do for you.