Chef Bio

"Simplicity of good, honest food is the best. Bring out the flavours of each ingredient and let them shine through. Respect for the ingredients is key." - Chef Desmond Lee  

The ever humble Chef Desmond Lee started his amazing career at the age of 22 full of passion for the culinary arts and the ambition to contribute to the food and beverage scene in Singapore. His belief of simplicity and showcasing the natural flavors of the freshest ingredients has shaped his culinary style and direction.  

His immense love for French cuisine led him to work in award-winning Le Saint Julien with Chef Julien Bompard, where he further honed his skills in classic French cooking. Le Saint Julien has won many awards, including 'Best French Restaurant' twice, and the 'Best Wine List of the Year' in 2009. It also won the Best Business Luncheon by Restaurants Award of Excellence 2012.  

Chef Desmond Lee's impressive career also includes helming the kitchens of some of Singapore's most decorated restaurants including Ember, a repeat recipient of the World Gourmet Summit Awards of Excellence. Working with the highly-acclaimed restaurants like Braise, under the Unlisted Collection, as well as Private Affairs, also come under his belt of honors. Chef Desmond also had the honor of working at British celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay's first solo and 3 Michelin-starred restaurant, "Restaurant Gordon Ramsay" in Chelsea, London.  

He joined NOX - Dine in the Dark in July 2013, bringing his culinary career to new heights, and challenging his execution of culinary excellence at a new level. At NOX - Dine in the Dark, a restaurant with a very different dining concept and culinary experience, Chef Desmond Lee enjoys the challenge of creating 12 new dishes every month, emphasizing the intensities of flavor, texture, and aroma of each dish, while ensuring the combination of flavors contrasted, yet complemented one another. This is the result of numerous hours of R&D in the kitchen, as well as acquiring inspiration from the dishes in his existing repertoire, combined with ideas he gets from trying food from other restaurants and reading various culinary publications.  

Dedicated to sourcing for the highest quality produce and extracting the best flavor out of each ingredient he gets his hands on, Chef Desmond Lee's creations never fail to excite the palate of every diner. Nominated as Chef of the Year by the World Gourmet Summit in 2015, Chef Desmond Lee has made his mark with his exciting creations and mastery at his craft. NOX - Dine in the Dark has won the award of Best New Concept in 2014 by WINE&DINE, and furthermore, the diners at NOX have rated the restaurant as one of the best in Singapore, winning the hearts of many reviewers of gourmet publications and food websites alike.