Wine & Dine - Sounds of the night
Now, for the first time, Singapore has finally brought in this concept of dining in complete darkness. NOX, a reservations-only restaurant, opened it's doors on 2 August this year. Challenging guest to a multi-sensory journey of heightened taste, touch, smell and sound, NOX introduces gourmands to the experience of dining in complete darkness.
The Peak - Mystery Dining
The Concept of eating in pitch blackness made waves when in was launched in Europe and the US. Starting this month Singaporeans can take a stab at it at NOX. Where is the food on the plate, what needs to be cute, what exactly is on the spoon? Guest will grapple with these issues as they tuck into modern European cuisine prepared by former Ember chef Desmond Lee.
The Business Times - Night Light
We thought it would be a pretentious concept, but NOX - Dine in the Dark changed our minds with it's heartfelt concept of showing empathy to the visually impaired. Save for loudmouthed fellow dinner, the experience of being served by blind waiters in pitch-black surrounding is novel and almost inspiring. And the food is pretty good too.
Designare - Succulent Sensations
It is a distinct reversal of roles for guests, who surrender one of their dominant senses - sight - and allow themselves to be seamlessly guided by well-trained blind and visually impaired servers. For me, like many other guests, the dining experience is an incredibly rig and emotive experience that transcends the mere act of dining.
8 Days - Blind Tasting
"Here is your seat," says our visually impaired waiter mI, as he takes our hand and guides it to the chair that we cannot see in the pitch-dark dining room. The idea is for diners to abandon their vision and experience a meal with all their other senses. The experience begins at the bar on the ground floor - which is lit where you can have a drink, are served amuse bouche,
Best New Concept
Winner of Wine & Dine Top Restaurants 2014 - Best New Concept
A Shot in the Dark
Visual cues have tremendous impact on the taste process. Imagine when one is robbed of sight, like at NOX - Dine in the Dark: How would it affect our perception of food?
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