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At NOX – Dine in the Dark, we will take you on a journey through tastes and textures, a multi-sensory dining experience that will tantalize your taste buds and open your mind. We invite you to temporarily surrender one of your dominant senses, sight, in exchange for enhancing the other four, allowing you to completely re-evaluate your perception of the world around you.

How it Works?


Be welcomed by our friendly staff who will escort you to the lounge area where you will be briefed on the concept and what you can expect from your dining experience. Enjoy our signature cocktails customised to your palate or select from our extensive list of fine wines. Amuse-bouche will be served to awaken your palate, giving you a glimpse of the chef’s approach to the art of cuisine, and the quality of food we have to offer.


After the welcome brief, you’ll be escorted to the entrance of the dining area where you will be introduced to your visually impaired or blind guide who will be serving and taking care of you during the dinner. You may order additional beverages at any time when in the dining area. Just call your guide’s name. Should you feel uncomfortable or distressed in the pitch dark environment, just let our staff know and you will be assisted down to the lit up lounge area.


At the end of your dinner, you will be led down to the lit-up lounge area, where you will receive a form to fill up with your guesses of what you think you have eaten in the dark dining room. Thereafter, we will present you with pictures and descriptions and you can compare with your impressions and find out how many of your guesses were correct. You will also have time to enjoy coffee/ tea or post-dinner cocktails in our bar to end off your night.

Meet The Team
Behind The Darkness

Food should not be overcomplicated. When you strip away the fancy garnishes, taste is paramount and this begins with sourcing for the highest quality ingredients; and employing techniques that extract their best possible flavour.

– Chef Shahrom –

TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence
2015 – 2020