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Looking for a unique venue that offers a dining experience like no other? Be prepared for a night of fun, interaction and amazement! Contact us to find out more!

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This Valentine's Day, join us for a lusciously indulgent dining experience. With 12 decadent and sassy dishes lined up for all you love birds, be prepared for a night of fun and romance!....

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Valentine's Day
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NOX - Dine in the Dark

In our modern culture where we are often overwhelmed by sensory stimulation, the focus on visual presentation is constantly increasing. Now, how would you feel if you could not see and were living in total darkness?

At NOX - Dine in the Dark, we will take you on a journey through tastes and textures, a multi-sensory dining experience that will tantalize your taste buds and open your mind. We invite you to temporarily surrender one of your dominant senses, sight, in exchange for enhancing the other four, allowing you to completely re-evaluate your perception of the world around you. Read about Concept


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Phone +65 6298 0708
Address 269 Beach Road
Singapore 199546
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