NOX - Dine In The Dark Octopus Sample Menu

Prix Fixe Dinner

S$88++ per person

Our Prix Fixe Dinner is a mystery set menu crafted from the finest ingredients by our head chef and his team. The menu consists of 12 unique dishes created for your tasting pleasure that spans over 3-courses. A vegetarian menu is available upon request.

Wine Tasting

Enjoy specially selected wines to perfectly match every course of your dinner!
Add 3 glasses of wine at S$40++ per person or
Add 2 glasses of wine at S$30++ per person

Cocktail Tasting

Enjoy 3 unique and spectacular cocktail creations that will match every course of your dinner! You are encouraged to guess the ingredients in each cocktail. Add 3 cocktails at S$50 per person (1 glass per course).

Mocktail Tasting

Enjoy 3 non-alcoholic and delightful, mystery mocktails that go exceptionally well with your meal! Add 3 mocktails at S$30 per person (1 glass per course).

Sample Menu

“Heavenly Indulgence”
A combination of different classics that would satisfy any sweet tooth! A burst of flavour in every mouthful!

Amuse Bouche

“A Taste of Summer”
Light and refreshing . A glimpse of the chef’s approach to the art of cuisine, and the quality of food we have to offer.


“Debut Magnifique”
A play on temperatures. Crunchy, tangy, sweet and savoury, a perfect start to any meal.

Main Course

“A Feast for the Senses”
Experience a symphony of perfect combinations as you dive into a playground of flavours, textures and aromatics that will leave you wanting more!



Signature Cocktails

Breakfast For Champions

Something more potent if your morning cup isn't strong enough.


We have mixed drinks about feelings.

Ignite My Passion

There's fire involved. What could possibly go wrong?

Please Burst My Bubbles

Delightful and inevitably fleeting!

Kwai Fei

The legendary Tang Dynasty romance lives on in this delectable cocktail.

Not A Frozen Margarita

Not your ordinary margarita, limited portions a night.

Big Boy's Latte

We'll whiskey you away with this one.

NOX - Dine In The Dark Cocktail Ignite My Passion